How I use options to supplement my retirement

30%, That doesn’t sound like much!

So three times a week, I get to spend 4 hours in a chair at the dialysis center. During treatment I check my phone periodically just to keep up with the markets. So, I was chatting with one of the IV techs, you know the one sticking needles in my arm and she expressed some interest in what I was looking at and that she would be interested in learning more about investing. So, I point to several good youTube videos and invited her to bring back any questions and I would be happy to discuss the topic with her.

A little background, this is a very nice mid 50’s Pilipino who currently has little to no retirement savings. Fast forward to today and the topic turned to the markets. After a few minutes it was obvious that her financial understanding was a such a level that I would not be able to help her with stocks without some kind time investment from her. However, I didn’t just want to abandon her, she seemed truly interested and concerned for her financial future.

So, I brought up the topic of mutual funds. She had heard of them. It was something her 401k from work used, but she didn’t know much about them. So I started explaining that she could make smaller deposits (my recommendation for a brokerage account scared her off) on an ongoing basis and build wealth over time. I use mutual funds for some of my assets and had just recently looked up some yields. So the obvious next question from here was how much can I make? 30% from a top notch company, I replied.

30%, That doesn’t sound like much!

About that time someone else machine was alarming and our conversation got cut short. I do wish her the best, but just feel sad about the financial literacy in this country.

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