How I use options to supplement my retirement

Wells Fargo and Interactive Brokers

You would think in this day and age that eft transfers would be instant. Sigh, not so much so. I tried to connect to WF from IB’s site, but all I got was the spinning hamster wheel after going through all the phone tag verifications. I guess I’m glad they take security seriously, but sometimes you just want to transfer some funds and start making trades.

I ended up going into the WF site and doing a bill pay to IB, that’s going to take 3-6 days, and then IB will have to wait for the deposit to clear, another 7 days from what I remember with my last arch deposit. I would actually like to see the market pull back over the next two weeks to get some better entry points when the funds are available in the brokerage account. In the meantime this give me a little time to layout my strategy for put options and my overall strategy of trading.

Disclaimer, not a licensed financial advisor.

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