How I use options to supplement my retirement

Forced retirement!

Well, I guess in fact it wasn’t really forced, not at the moment, but the writing was on the walls. Surviving cancer in 08 and multiple other setbacks I decided it was time to retire in 2018 when they needed to drill into my skull and put a shunt from my brain to my stomach to keep from going blind. I retired from a state agency after 21 years and have a pension that pays the bills. My retirement is much earlier that I had planned and therefore the 401k and pensions didn’t have the chance to grow to full maturity. In the past year, I’ve experimented with many aspects of the financial market. Some successful and others not so much.

What I have found that works for me is selling naked put options. I’m currently up 30% in my account for the year. I’m going to be starting a new account in a few days (I’m actually managing for someone else who’s seen my results) and going to document the progress. I’m doing so to create a record for my heirs so if they decide to keep this up they can do so. I invite all to follow along and comment. However if you decide to invest your hard earned money, please seek the advice of a professional. I’ve warned you that I’m a brain damaged civil servant with no financial credentials


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