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I have to admit that I was never a big fan of the Peoplesoft tracing features and would use them as a last resort.  However, when 9.2 came along and we upgraded from 8.8 (financials) there were so many new components that I did have to dive into the trace files to quickly find were code was being executed.

I looked around for tools to make the job easier.  I found TraceMagic and although it was okay, it didn’t give me the ability to quickly search the sql or grab them and drop them in Toad.  So I just created my own trace extractor.  I’m sharing this with the community in an effort to save time and more importantly eyesight  (my own).

It’s actually a very simple java executable but here is a quick users guide anyway:

  • Download the jar file and put it in a tracing directory.  You can path everything if you want, but I prefer to just have a directory specifically for tracing.
  • Specify what you want your output file name to be (it defaults to output.txt if you don’t).  No path is needed it will drop it in the path specified at the top of the panel.
  • Specify if you want SQL or PeopleCode or both.  If you don’t specify it defaults to 3(both).
  • Finally, select your trace file with the select trace file button.  When you select “ok” it automatically runs.  When it finishes the “waiting for input” message changes to “done”.
  • Review your new extracted trace file.

NOTE:  This code can also use a skip list.  It’s often beneficial to exclude results that are repetitive or include data that you are not interested in.  To create a skip list, just create a file called skip.txt and place it in your tracing directory.  One item per line, case is important.  You can specify any text in the lines you want to skip, table name, field name, etc  for example:


in a skip.txt file would cause sql’s containing these strings not do display in the results file.


I’m always open to suggestions for improving this tool, so feel free to drop me a line.  Each of us use traces in our own way and I may not even be aware of a feature that would be useful to others, so please let me know.

This software is provided as is with no expressed or implied warranties.


I’ve been a Peoplesoft Financials technical developer since 1999.  I’m located in Austin, Texas and would be interested in hearing from you if you have projects needing my services.  You can contact me at my yahoo email address



Example Output: