This website has been many things through the years.  I was the origainal purchaser of this domain and for many years it hosted some of my photography work.  Several years back I was fighting cancer and failed to renew the domain and domain squatters registered the domain and it has been many things for a while.

I’m not sure why they would want something as specific as someones name, but they did.  It finally came up for auction, for not much more than a simple registration, so I bid on it and took it back.  I’m not planning to do a lot with the domain, maybe post some of my photography work again and make a simple resume out of it.  I’ve been a programmer with the State of Texas for over 15 years and in a little less than 5 will be able to retire from state service.

During my time with the state, I’ve been a PeopleSoft Financials programmer and look forward to consulting work after retirement in that field.